Friday, December 10, 2010


AWESOME new word I stumbled across. Seriously. Look it up. (Or you can be lazy and watch this.)

Random Pictures from My Old Phone

A few months back I got a new phone, a DroidX, which I absolutely love. (You still know you want one ...) When I happily dumped my old Blackberry phone, I copied all the files off it and found that there was actually quite a random collection of random pictures. My wife suggested that I blog about this stuff that I discovered, so that's what I'm doing here. I tend to avoid "photo blogging" as a general rule, but as sharing the pictures is actually the point of this post, so be it.

As you look through these pictures, be aware that there is no theme. This is just a collection of memories that, at the time I took them, I wanted to capture in pictures. Out of context, they are rather meaningless, but on the whole, I think they provide an interesting display of what is important to me in my life. I've sorted the pictures by date taken, and this is only a sampling of the stuff I found on the camera. So, here goes ...

My wife being silly in the car when we were going to the Los Angeles Temple on 27 Feb 2009. I think this was actually one of the first pictures taken with that Blackberry:

My youngest son, with a messy, chocolatey face on 7 Mar 2009:

My wife and I on a date in one of our favorite eating establishments, a small Thai restaurant here in town on 21 Mar 2009:

My youngest crouching down in the church cultural hall on 28 Mar 2009:

Me and my oldest son at a Dodger's game on 6 Aug 2009:

My daughter at the same game on 6 Aug 2009:

My wife sailing a pirate ship at Finz Glo-Zone, a black-light miniature golf place nearby, on 23 Oct 2009:

This next picture is actually one of my all-time favorites. It is of my lovely wife, looking stunningly beautiful, taken when we were at Six Flags on 7 Nov 2009:

The Saturn V rocket outside the space museum in Huntsville, Alabama, on 28 Apr 2010:

My youngest son so tired during a campout that he can barely eat his s'more on 14 May 2010:

The airplane I flew on to Germany for a business trip on 16 May 2010:

Some cobblestones in Darmstadt on 17 May 2010. I'm not sure I meant to take this picture, but whatever:

A Viking-looking dude at a park in Darmstadt on 18 May 2010:

My oldest son getting his awards in cub scouts on 26 May 2010:

My daughter all wet at a swimming pool during a trip to Utah, where we stayed with my sister in Mt. Pleasant on 5 Jul 2010:

The greenery during a hike with my oldest son's cub scout group up to some a waterfall on 9 Oct 2010:

My daughter with her hero, Wonder Woman, at Six Flags on 9 Oct 2010:

My daughter being a superhero outside of the Goliath roller-coaster at Six Flags on 9 Oct 2010:

Well, as you can see, it's quite an eclectic collection. With cameras being ever-present in our lives, it's interesting to look back at the detritus that's left behind. Some of these pictures tell stories, some just ... are. Even so, you can see the flavor of things that I've captured, and glimpse a little peek into what is important to me in my life, my family (not that it isn't fairly obvious to anybody who knows me at all ...).

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Something Totally Cool

I like numbers. I'm becoming increasing convinced that I need to be an economist (as statistics still annoy me) in my next career ... assuming I ever tire of the one I have. As it is, I stumbled upon this video, which made me have warm fuzzies all over for a variety of different reasons:

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