Friday, April 23, 2010


Have you ever just felt ... grumpy? I do right now. A few hours ago, I sat in the dentist's chair being ignored for an hour and 20 minutes (I was alone -- no kids under foot -- and had a book in hand, so hey, why not ignore me?!), then came home to find out that my father is in the hospital with chest pain (likely a clot in his lungs, apparently). My kids are being obstinate and wanting to stay up late and I know I can't say no because it's a Friday night and we don't have any "real" plans tomorrow, and I just know that they'll be a real pain the neck because of lack of sleep. And on top of that (and it's totally stupid, I know), I just found out that the CD to my most favorite computer game ever is AWOL because one of my children misplaced it -- neither of the primary candidates recall doing so, but both give me blank stares and a guilty grin when I press them about it. Yeah, I'm a little grumpy.

I'm greatly blessed in my life, and I know it, but that doesn't mean I don't get grumpy spells. And I just yelled at my whole family which makes me grumpier still because of post-yelling guilt. So, I'm grumpy right now in the I-just-want-to-be-alone-don't-bug-me-and-don't-even-think-about-talking-to-me-to-try-to-make-me-feel-better-because-I-don't-want-to-feel-better-right-now-so-go-away kind of way.

They're all in the other room and I'm here at the computer. It's better this way. I'll be not-so-grumpy in a little bit. I just need a few minutes to chill out ...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Holy cow. Stumbled on this today:

Extreme Parenting: Radical Unschooling

I don't know how people can expect their kids to compete in today's world without school. I clearly have my beefs with the public school system, but to not do any school at all seems unconscionable. It seems to me like a surefire recipe for instilling within your children deep-seated laziness, feelings of entitlement, and, ultimately, a massive inferiority complex when they realize they eventually find out how little they know.

Wow. Some people ...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Brown Makes Me Look Tired

Seriously. I wore a brown shirt tonight to a church function, and three people asked me if I was tired. Apparently it's not my color.

Or ... maybe I just looked tired ... ('cause I kinda am ...)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Neil deGrasse Tyson

He's a smart guy. Very popular. Usually I don't get so caught up in the smart-guy-very-popular-worship thing. But I like this:

Monday, April 12, 2010

You Can't Go To Bed, Yet!

I had just finished reading with my youngest son tonight (Little Bear, with him reading about 55% of it to me!) and yawned. I told him I was a little tired, so I told him I was thinking about going to bed. He looked aghast and told me that I couldn't do that.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because Mom isn't going to bed," he answered.

"You mean I can't go to bed without Mom?" I asked.


"Why not?"

"Because Mom stays up late," he proclaimed.

I giggled a little at this, and then asked him if I could go to bed early if Mom went to bed early, too.

"No," he said. "You have to stay up!"

"Why?" I wondered.

"That's just the rule."

"It is?"

"Yes!" he proclaimed.

So, there you have it. Moms have to stay up late, and Dads can't go to bed early without them. That's the rule straight from a 5-year-old.

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