Monday, July 25, 2011

Where Have I Been?

So I must really apologize to all of my extraordinarily devoted readers out there ... all 2 of you! Thank you for your patience as I have been traveling a whole lot the last few months. I was going to try to do a blog post to tell a little about where I've been, but I think it's easier to just look at a map (click it for a bigger view):

Yeah, I've been a few places. Most of these trips have been in the last two months, too. Quite a summer!

And all this has been on top of the usual stuff nearby my house, such as temple trips, and excursions to Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor. We've even managed to squeeze in a few movie nights and hosted/participated in a few dinner parties, too! It's been quite a summer, and it isn't even over, yet! (Un)happily, it looks like things are slowing down a little as the kids have their last few weeks before going back to school. We're still struggling to schedule that garage sale we've been meaning to have since April, but, hey, we'll get to it eventually!

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