Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random Thoughts

Went to the beach today, got hammered in the rough waves, but it was still fun. I love body boarding and my kids are learning to enjoy it, too. My daughter got a major "burn" on her chin from scraping it against the sand when she got tossed head over heels. It's awesome and she's wearing it with pride. I really want to learn to surf.

Went to Harry Potter 6 last night. It was all right, but clearly a transition movie to the "end game". I thought it was disjointed and had a weak ending. And I really wanted to see the big battle inside Hogwarts. I look forward to the last two movies.

My youngest son asked about how we go to be with God. We told him that we need to keep the commandments and do what is right, and then we can go back. We told him that everybody makes mistakes, and then pronounced, "I'm perfect!" Uh huh. We shortly reminded him about when he hits his brother or scratches his sister, and told him that when we do stuff like that, we have to try to make it better and ask Heavenly Father to forgive us. He told us then that we pray so we can talk to Heavenly Father. He's 4, but he's starting to get it.

Work hasn't been ... fun ... lately.

My oldest has entered the "really, really annoying" stage of being a pre-teen. He drives us crazy.

The stock market has been fun to follow ... as long as I keep making money in it ... funny how addictive watching numbers rise and fall every day can be.

Facebook is a tremendous time waster. I recommend you just pick up the phone rather than join it. I've stumbled upon lots and lots of people from my past, and concluded I have absolutely nothing to say to them. I've moved on.

Did a little genealogy the other day. I found about a dozen new names ... anybody who says their genealogy is "done" is telling a bald-faced lie.


Jeff Bytof said...
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I used to work on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter for many years. Now I work for the parent organization, the Mars Program Office. It's a good place, but my current task is stressful.

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