Friday, March 19, 2010

My Daughter The Science Geek

My daughter is a very bright little girl (no exaggeration), but it is hard to find real world things that interest her. She's a book worm and can get so caught up into the worlds she is reading about that sometimes she can get a little disconnected with things in the world around her. However, my wife and I strongly encourage our children to participate in the yearly science fair at their school, even though it is often difficult to nail down exactly what they should do. My oldest son last year, for example, did an awesome job on his science project on rockets, and we honestly believe he didn't win 1st place because it looked too professional, as if a grown-up had done it for him.

This year, my daughter did her project on the weather. Specifically, she did it on how meteorologists determine the weather. She made a homemade barometer and took near-daily readings. We happened to be blessed with some sporadic weather during this period, with rain and hot cycles happening every few days. It was really neat to watch her make the connection between temperature and pressure and rain. As it is, she took dozens of pictures of clouds in our valley and worked very hard to identify the different formations -- some I had never heard of!

All her hard work paid off, too. She took second place! Just look at this cutie!

What an awesome accomplishment. I am so proud of her!

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