Thursday, January 6, 2011

Utah Trip 2010

A quick post because I keep starting one and hating how it goes, so I'm just going to type ...

We went to Utah the last few weeks. The snow seemed to chase us from place to place. We brought home the flu. We exchanged presents with family members, and saw a sister of mine that we hadn't seen in years (which was great). We had family dinners (with fewer than expected people due to the snow), and had a great time.

It was very cold, mostly staying in the single digits. In one part of our drive, the thermometer in the van read 0 degrees. COLD! Our children were more than happy to go out and play in those temperatures, though, the novelty being a powerful motivator. My oldest son quickly wised up, but the younger two children had a wonderful time. We made snowmen and a snow fort, and the kids actually wanted to shovel the walks (yeah, I know, they're weird).

We ate all sorts of bad food for us, and I put on 2 pounds -- a smaller weight gain than I feared. We had a great time visiting with both sides of the family. We spent some good quality time with both sets of grandparents, a privilege that is not lost on my wife and I, even if the children don't know how lucky they are.

We took with us boxes full of baby clothes, both boy and girl clothes, to give away to relatives who have new babies, having decided that five years of storage (eight for the girls clothes) is long enough. It was emotional to let it all go, and both my wife and I tried our best to just deliver the goods then turn away.

It was a whirlwind trip, and we slept in four different places in the eight days we were gone. We were very tired and very satisfied to return home, which is still in disarray after Christmas. All our lights are still up, and my wife still plays Christmas music, and we're expect Saturday to be the day when all that is undone.

As it is, most of us are suffering from the flu or a cold. I think I have an eye infection, which I think I caught from my daughter. Children = carrier monkeys.


Melissa said...

Don't you guys get the flu every time you go to Utah?

--- said...

Yeah, we do. Totally sucks.

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