Monday, April 4, 2011

Gifts My Youngest Son Got for His Birthday

My youngest son had his birthday yesterday, and we had a wonderful time visiting with the in-laws and watching General Conference. All the while, he quietly (really! well ... mostly) played with some of his new toys that he got for his birthday. Here's the run-down on what he received:
  • Some money from his paternal grandparents, which he promptly stated he wants to spend on a model with wheels he can paint.
  • Stinky The Garbage Truck, which his maternal grandparents miraculously found for a steal at $15.
  • Tickets to a monster truck rally in a month.
  • A TRIO blocks wrecking ball crane, which my wife and I miraculously found at Ross for $15, which includes a dump truck.
  • A chocolate cake with a monster truck on it.
Does anybody detect a theme to all these gifts? Yes, my youngest son is indeed a boy and loves trucks and planes and trains and pretty much anything that moves. The other day, he put a push-broom on the front of his tricycle in the back yard and proudly proclaimed, "Look, Dad! I made a machine!" That's my boy!

His sister gave him some candy and his older brother "gave" him the upper bunk, which he was so happy to sleep in last night. We also let him stay in his pajamas all day long, which, for some reason, is a treat to the kids.

He feels like such a big kid now, and it is very strange to us to know that he is now 6 years old! He's still our "little guy", but he is getting bigger all the time. You can see his missing teeth here, which is so indicative of the age:

We love him so much, and are grateful that he is such a good-natured and happy boy. He really does bring great happiness to our family, and I feel greatly blessed to be his father. Love you, kiddo!


Nikki said...

6!!! I remember him becoming a sunbeam. Happy birthday to him!!

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