Friday, August 12, 2011

My Birthday!

Today is my birthday and I have now officially entered my early late thirties! It's a terrible thing, I know, but, despite my best wishes, I can't seem to slow time down. Even so, I'm grateful to still be marking the passage of time.

I also happened to have the day off from work, as it is my regular Friday off. It's been a good day, and I had a decent list of things I wanted to do. For the run-down, this is what we've done:
  • Woke up late (well, all the way until 8:15!).
  • Went to Chick-Fil-A for a free breakfast sausage biscuit for breakfast (a few shopping errands followed).
  • Opened presents (a few great movies, a book from my parents, and a bag of peanut butter M&Ms -- awesome!)
  • Played Super Mario Brothers 3 on the Wii while the kids watched the old-school game play and proclaimed they could do SO much better than me (as if).
  • Had delicious homemade hamburgers (thanks, wife!) for lunch, with an amazing Asian cole slaw (double thanks, wife!) and some melon.
  • Went to Captain America with the wife (I quite enjoyed it, but felt the ending was a little soft).
  • Played Jungle Uno and Sorry Spin with the kids.
  • Went to Claim Jumper for an amazing dinner (the Grilled Cob Sandwich with the Spicy Peanut Thai Slaw on the side - wow!).
  • Had cake at home with the family.
  • Watched the end of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with the two older kids.
So, it's been a strange day full of food, media, and family. It's been very restful, and I feel very blessed! Happy birthday to me!!


cosmic_wanderer said...

Happy Birthday to you !!

(Stumbled here through some random links)

Ash and Brent said...

Happy Birthday! I know though ... seriously ... when did we get to be this old? Well, technically you and Brent are the old ones. Ahhh...that makes me feel so much better. :)

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