Wednesday, March 19, 2008

10th Anniversary

Today is my 10th anniversary being married to my good wife. She is a remarkable woman and the past 10 years have been nothing short of wonderful. We were married in the Jordan River Temple near Salt Lake City. My lovely bride then was so very beautiful and it has been my pleasure to watch her grow more beautiful every day.

Today, however, we haven't exactly been able to celebrate as we would like. These past ten years brought 3 children into our lives that require time and attention. To that end we tried to get someone to watch our youngest so that we could spend the morning together, just she and I, but this morning the person who was going to watch him called with the sad news that her daughter was sick - we elected to keep him with us.

We went out to Mimi's cafe for breakfast, then went to go play tennis together. Neither of us are very good, but we still enjoy it and my wife got me a new racquet today. (I got her a new piano hymnbook. The funny thing about this is that we had both agreed to not get each other anything since we're planning a big trip next month, and we both went back on that independently.)

We then spent the rest of the morning shopping. It's a strange thing that we would choose to go shopping on a date, but it's something we do regularly. For us, it doesn't really matter what we do, as long as we do it together and without the kids, so we sometimes take the opportunity to get things done we can't seem to get done otherwise.

By noon, though, we were home with my wife feeling under the weather. We put our youngest to bed - he, too, isn't feeling well - and had a bit of lunch. My wife then had to go rehearse with some friends of hers for a performance she's doing on Saturday. I stayed home and worked. Then she came home when my daughter got home from school, and she went out again to go grocery shopping with my oldest son when he got home from school.

Then when our youngest woke up we watched a little TV then I took the two of them to my daughter's gymnastics practice. That's where I'm typing this right now. When this is done, we will rendezvous at home and have dinner quickly before we have to go over to the kid's school for the science fair night. Eventually tonight we hope to get the kids to bed and actually have some alone time.

Some might say it's not the best anniversary but that's all right. To me, this is my life, and I'm happy with it. I love my wife and my children, and who better would I spend my anniversary with? In any case, next month we're going to spend 10 days in Hawaii as our 10th anniversary trip. It will be awesome, and we are looking forward to it.

Do you want to know the best part about being married for ten years? Looking forward to the next ten years with my beautiful bride.


Melissa said...

You are so sweet! Is your trip to Hawaii without the kids?

Roy said...

You betcha it's without the kids. Wouldn't be much of an anniversary trip if we took them with us, now, would it? We are so excited!!

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