Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Wife The Andrews Sister

Tonight we had a "art show" with our stake at church. It was basically amateur's night, and some of the numbers were cringe-inducing. Nevertheless, my wife, who was asked to run the whole thing, was also pinned down to perform with a few of her good friends. The song they sang was not a Gospel song, but one that was fun and lively. It was "The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B" by the Andrews Sisters. In my opinion, it was the best performance of the night, hands down. The recording here doesn't do it justice, but I wanted to show it for the record.

Listening to it, my wife wanted me to add a disclaimer. She says she is "super embarrassed" and that they couldn't hear each other or the piano, so any time they are out of tune, you can chalk it up to that. Also, my own disclaimer is that it sounded a lot better in person than it does in recorded form (I was standing at the back of the auditorium and was zoomed all the way in).

In any case, I think my wife is awesome.

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Melissa said...

How fun! I wish we could have been there. Of course, Angel's embarassment could never match mine at the ward Christmas party when my voice completely left me. I have never been so mortified....

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