Sunday, May 25, 2008

We're Ready

Really, I told you so! I just got off the voice net with all the subsystems. This is what they told me:

Systems = nominal
Electra (our UHF radio) = go
Telecom = nominal, signal is good
ACS = nominal, reaction wheel speeds are low, speeds match predicts
EEDAT (our data accountability team) = configured and ready
GDS (our ground data system team) = ready
Ace (our uplink people) = all nominal, ready
Flight Software = onboard memory buffers are empty, ready
Payload = all instruments are off except HiRISE, as expected; configured and ready

See? Loads of fun. I reported this status to my mission manager and then to the Phoenix project. Having everything nominal is always good. Next step is to move our solar arrays and high-gain antenna then to slew to an inertial position waiting for Phoenix to arrive.

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