Saturday, September 6, 2008

Exhausting Day

It really has been an exhausting day today. I "slept in" until about 7:30 and then got up and got ready for the day. At 9 I went out to go walking precincts for the November proposition, and then right afterwards I scrambled over to meet my wife and kids for lunch at Carl's Jr. (I had a grilled chicken salad -- it was pathetic compared to McDonald's Southwest chicken salad, which is really quite good ...). At 1 pm, I took my daughter and we scrambled over to her first soccer game, where I ran around the field and refereed for that hour. Then we came home in time to meet with a good friend (who is a contractor) of ours for an estimate on the new tile floor he's going to install for us. Since then we've been chilling out trying to cool down.

None of these things seem particularly challenging by themselves, but the temperatures have been really high today. With the temperatures soaring into the high-90s, low-100s, I was heat exhausted even before going to run around the soccer field with my daughter. My poor little girl, who had also gone to gymnastics from 11 to 12, was simply unequipped to perform any athletic feats during her soccer game. They got so clobbered (the other team scored about once every minute) and they were so miserable in the heat that the coaches agreed to call the game 10 minutes early. I feel bad that her inaugural soccer game went so badly, but I can't really fault them for a bad performance. The girls just simply didn't have it in them this week, and were lacking a few key skills that would have made all the difference.

Hopefully next week will be better, and the temperatures cooler. And there's no way I'm mowing the lawn today ...

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