Friday, September 5, 2008

On Sitting

My wife and I are taking a break from all useful evening activities (mostly). This past week, aside from my wife going to cub scouts and me making calls for the bishopric, we have done absolutely nothing of intrinsic value. This is quite an accomplishment for us, as our evenings are usually filled with places to go, things to do, stuff to achieve, people to call or visit, etc.

Over the summer, and especially since school started, we've felt quite overwhelmed with life in general. So, once the kids are in bed we have looked at each other, and asked "What do you want to do tonight?" The answer? Without fail, the answer has been "I want to sit."

Now, the word "sit" in our household actually means that we lounge on the couch and watch television. I read somewhere that the average American watches 5 hours of television a day -- I can't even fathom that! We probably average about 1 hour a day, if we can stay awake that long. Since there's no shows on TV that we want to watch right now, we've been watching old Stargate SG-1 episodes, and loving it. Watching one episode a night, we've been working our way through season 10 and enjoying every minute of it (though we'll be really sad when we finish it!).

I would feel guilty about not accomplishing anything. After all, the checkbook needs to be balanced, my wife's scrapbooking is woefully behind schedule, we could work on genealogy/family history, the laundry needs to be folded, and the house could stand to be cleaned, but you know, we're taking a break. I would feel guilty, but really, this week, all I want to do is sit.

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Melissa said...

O.K. When you run out of Stargate, you MUST watch Chuck! I'm going to keep bothering you about this until you do it. It has Adam Baldwin, one of your favorites! Just do it!

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