Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy Busy Not So Busy Few Weeks

After my wife finished with the play, we have pretty much been rebelling against doing anything that takes us away from home. This means that we haven't done very much. Even so, I feel like I've been busy. A really quick run-down of my life the past few weeks:

-- 16 May: Went to the play that evening. It was great, but it went long and I was tired.
-- 17 May: Went to the Stake Priesthood Leadership Meeting early Sunday morning, then went to church and was there for a while, helping the bishop do interviews in the afternoon. Came home and then went home teaching. Then we watched the Survivor finale.
-- 18 May: Worked from home all day. It was a good, productive day.
-- 19 May: Went to a class for work all day -- it wasn't until lunch time that I realized I'd already taken it ... The Elders came over for dinner that night, then we watched American Idol in realtime for the first time this season.
-- 20 May: Went to work, then did ... something that night ...
-- 21 May: Went to work and had lunch with a good friend of mine. Then came home and skipped out on a church training meeting I was supposed to attend. I just needed to be home, and to watch the American Idol finale ...
-- 22 May: Went to the temple in the morning, then to the Fathers and Sons campout in the afternoon. We were the first ones there, and me and my two boys had a great time. My oldest is a true fire bug.
-- 23 May: Went home, washed the kids, put stuff away, then vegetated the rest of the day. We finally got around to watching the Lost finale (way cool, by the way).
-- 24 May: Wasn't feeling very well, so I didn't go to church (*gasp*). Stayed home and watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon episodes. Pathetic, I know. We watched old Stargate Atlantis episodes that night.
-- 25 May: Still wasn't feeling well, but it was Memorial Day, so we did have a barbecue and played some games. Not a bad day. My wife bought "Boom Blox" for the Wii, and our arms are sore.

Okay, so reading this, you'd think my life revolves around TV. You'd be totally wrong. This has just been a rebellion week. And one where both my wife and I just really needed to chill. Tonight we intend to veg some more, and the next night, too. Then on Thursday, my wife and I are going on a two-night excursion, just the two of us. It'll be awesome to just get away. Summer is here, and I ain't mindin'.


Melissa said...

Good thing you went to the temple after skipping out on church :) I still haven't found time to watch the LOST finale. Hopefully next week....

Melody said...

TV? what's TV? never see the stuff

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