Friday, May 8, 2009

Just Saw Star Trek

Spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

I absolutely loved it. It was a really good "reboot" to the series, which it most certainly, clearly will be. I understand they're already in negotiations for two more movies ...

One thing I'm a little unhappy about, though, is that they ignored one of the most "sacred" things about Vulcans and their culture that is actually quite central to the reason they are the way they are. Vulcans don't, under any circumstances, like to be touched. This is because of the whole mind-meld thing -- touching is a very intimate and personal thing for them, and yet in this movie, it was flagrantly violated.

Another thing I was kind of unhappy about is that the whole thing basically wipes out all that we know and love from the original Star Trek series, The Next Generation, DS-9, and Voyager. (Enterprise, arguably the weakest series of the bunch, should be considered "untouched".) ALL of the storylines effectively don't exist now ... kind of a bummer.

I loved, loved, loved all the "Easter eggs" in the movie. I regularly saw (and heard) things that made me giggle.

I also loved that they spent a little bit of time with each of the major characters. Each one of them played a key role in the resolution of the story, and I thought it was wonderful that it worked out that way. Even Chekov, who was often just a wall-flower in the original series, had a key role in this film. I was very pleased to see them being true to who the characters were (except maybe Uhura ... what gives?!), even though the circumstances of the story were intentionally different than what we've been used to.

And two Spocks! How cool is that ...

Normally, time travel stories end with the original, "correct" timeline being reinstated. Not so this time, which makes me sad because of all the emotional involvement I have with the other series, but it does make me very curious to see things happen "again" with the new timeline. It'd be fascinating to see a re-introduction of the Dominion, the Ferengi, Q, and (wow!) the Borg, etc.

We're in for interesting times ...


Megan said...

We saw it last night - loved it too.

Anonymous said...

It was a good movie. I am glad that they spent a good amount of time on Spock. The movie seemed to revolve more around him than Kirk, but that was fine with me. Uhura was really wierd and I didn't like the character that much. Kissing Spock, come on! I really hope that they make some more movies like you said Roy. Get the Borg in here ASAP!

Ash and Brent said...

Saw it on Saturday...loved it! I'm excited to see what new adventures there are out there. I am a little confused on the Uhura/Spock kiss thing..hmmm...guess I didn't see that coming.


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