Thursday, August 13, 2009

35th Birthday Follow-up

Last night didn't go exactly as we planned. On my way home, I was to meet my family at El Torito for dinner. Sitting in the parking lot for ten minutes, I finally got a call from my wife, who was clearly upset. She told me that she was pulling out of the neighborhood on the way to join me and got distracted just enough to over-turn and ran into the curb. No problem, usually, except this time the tire completely exploded.

She was so upset that she wasn't able to think clearly about the situation, and ended up leaving the van parked on the very busy street without the emergency lights even on (even though she probably could have popped it into reverse and slowly worked her way back around the corner ...). Worse, she didn't have the presence of mind to simply change the tire. She felt like she had completely ruined my birthday at that point (we didn't go out to eat, she popped a tire that'll cost hundreds of dollars to replace, she made me sit there forever ...).

Nevertheless, I tried my best to let her know that everything was fine. We quickly replanned: I would come home and change the tire while she took my car to go pick up dinner from the most awesome Stonefire Grill. We'd have a nice dinner at home and still be able to enjoy the evening.

Once she calmed down and we got the plans laid out, things went very smoothly and the entire evening was actually quite nice. It was really good just to be home and relax and enjoy being with my wife and kids. The gifts were great, too. I got a camping shovel, a new card game, some crafts from the two younger kids, a very nice letter from my oldest son, and some new biking gloves from my wife's parents (I lost my old pair a month back). My mother sent me the Transformers movie, half of which we watched after we played a hand of the new card game and sent the kids to bed. And my wife made a great cake, too.

It really was a very pleasant evening once things got settled. All in all, it was just another "regular" day with the family, but I'm counting my very many blessings.

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