Friday, September 18, 2009

Where I've Been

Wow, it's been over two weeks since I last posted. It's just been busy. It's not been busy in the "I have something going every second of the day" kind of way, but it's more like the "there's something every night that prevents doing pretty much anything else" sort of busy. I think I need acronyms for those ...

Anyway, I thought it'd be good to record what the events were so far this month, with the plans for what's to come:

-- Tuesday, September 1st: A free evening.
-- Wednesday, September 2nd: Had the Elders over for dinner.
-- Thursday, September 3rd: Worked on stuff for church on Sunday.
-- Friday, September 4th: My wife went out with the "girls" and I played a computer game. Okay, so this night wasn't so "busy".
-- Saturday the 5th: Prepared a lesson for Sunday.
-- Sunday the 6th: Spent the evening with the family after a very long day at church.
-- Monday the 7th: Labor Day. After playing all day with the kids, I spent the evening watching a movie with my wife. (Wow, by this point, my life doesn't seem so busy ...)
-- Tuesday the 8th: Took my son to tennis lessons, then split from there to go home teaching.
-- Wednesday the 9th: Took my son to scouts.
-- Thursday the 10th: Had some friends over for dinner.
-- Friday the 11th: Worked on stuff for church on Sunday.
-- Saturday the 12th: Took my daughter to the baptism of her good friend.
-- Sunday the 13th: Had a long day at church again (they always are), then had "interviews" with the kids.
-- Monday the 14th: Had Family Home Evening with the family.
-- Tuesday the 15th: Went home teaching again.
-- Wednesday the 16th: Relaxed and watched TV with my wife.
-- Thursday the 17th (last night): Our home teacher came over.
-- Friday the 18th (tonight): The "raingutter regatta" for my oldest.
-- Saturday the 19th (tomorrow): The pinewood derby for the Elders Quorum (I've got a rocket-powered car ... yeah, totally cool.)
-- Sunday the 20th: Home teaching again.
-- Monday the 21st: Family Home Evening again.
-- Tuesday the 22nd: My son at tennis again.
-- Wednesday the 23rd: My oldest at cub scouts again.
-- Thursday the 24th: My oldest's birthday, and we're having some people come over that night.
-- Friday the 25th: My oldest's birthday party.
-- Saturday the 26th: My wife will be at the Relief Society General Broadcast.
-- Sunday the 27th: Amazing Race starts!
-- Monday the 28th: Family Home Evening.
-- Tuesday the 29th: Tennis lessons.
-- Wednesday the 30th: A free night?! Really?!

After compiling this list, I detect a few themes: church and kids. Somewhere in there we get a few nights where my wife and I can just relax and do stuff for us, but you can see it doesn't happen often. Usually when it does, we just like to sit and stare at some TV show. We often get to the point where we totally know we should do something productive, but we just don't want to because we're just so tired. I'm not complaining, though, just stating the facts. In any case, life is pretty good.

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Melissa said...

So, does everybody else have a rocket-powered car, too, or just you?

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