Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Job Description

My daughter had an assignment in her third grade glass a week ago, which reads:

Pretend that you are going to write a report. First, write the topic of your report. Then, write three things you would say about the topic.

The results? Check it out (spelling is hers):

Topic: My dad's job.
a. My dad works at JPL.
b. He controls the space craft in space.
c. They are cercing for Aliens.

I love it! According to this, I control an armada of spacecraft in an attempt to hunt down alien life forms. Awesome. Technically, I don't think you could say she is wrong, but I never really appreciated that I'm an alien hunter ...

(By the way, I find her spelling of "cercing" to be very interesting; you have to love the flexibility of the English language. I am also impressed that she knew to call the vehicles in space "space craft". She didn't know it was one word, but she knows not to call them "spaceships", which connotes a space vehicle that carries people.)

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