Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Holy cow. Stumbled on this today:

Extreme Parenting: Radical Unschooling

I don't know how people can expect their kids to compete in today's world without school. I clearly have my beefs with the public school system, but to not do any school at all seems unconscionable. It seems to me like a surefire recipe for instilling within your children deep-seated laziness, feelings of entitlement, and, ultimately, a massive inferiority complex when they realize they eventually find out how little they know.

Wow. Some people ...


Melissa said...

That is crazy. Those kids will end up on welfare. When they get out into the real world, they will discover that there are rules and that they can't just do whatever they want all day long. Sounds like a plan of the adverary to me. "Sure, let them do whatever they want. There are no consequences. There are no rules. Let's let children without proper reasoning skills waste their youth and be totally unprepared to deal with the real world." Sheesh.

Roy said...

Yeah, it's absolutely crazy. At some point, the hard, cold reality of everything that they don't know will catch up to them. Then where will they be? "Ignorance is bliss"? I'm pretty sure that isn't really true.

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