Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Good Hair

As I've written about before, my oldest son is quite the reader. Last night we were sitting in his room, reading the scriptures together, and I made mention of the fact that he had been blessed with the talent to read. I expressed to him that I didn't really know why he had been so blessed in that regards, but that I felt that Heavenly Father had a plan for him to use that talent wisely.

Then he said, "And my hair, too!" I laughed at this unexpected outburst and it turns out that he is quite proud of the fact that his hair sticks up in the front with a very nice "whoosh" effect -- like he's been wind-blown or something. Most people would believe he was cursed with a terrible "cow-lick", but not him.

When I told my wife about this little conversation, which still cracks me up, she told me that last year in school a little girl in his class had told him that she didn't like his hair. Apparently he was quite disturbed by this, so my wife explained to him that he was very lucky to have the "whoosh" effect going for him, and pointed out that most of his peers use a lot of hair spray or hair gel to get their hair to stick up just like that in the front. Clearly that lesson sunk in, and he now knows that the "whoosh" effect is a good thing, even if it is a bit unruly at times.

In any case, it's good to know my son recognizes his blessings. He knows of two right now: he reads really well, and he has good hair. Wish we were all so lucky!

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