Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yet Another Lost Tooth

Tonight my daughter was showing me how she could wiggle her (remaining) top front tooth forward and backward. It was somewhat eerie as she was able to move her tooth so far backwards that I couldn't see it anymore! In any case, after a little coaxing, she moved it around enough that it was very evident it needed to come out tonight. She was bleeding pretty badly, and after some trial and error, I just went for it and pulled it as far forward as I could - very suddenly - and it popped right into my hand.

It hurt her badly, I could tell, as she initially started to squeak and cry, but after she realized the tooth was out, she was too excited to cry and just kept laughing. Looking at her funny smile made her laugh even harder. She now has both of her two front teeth missing (okay, the other adult front tooth is already visible, but still ...), and two more on the bottom that haven't grown in yet.

She's looking quite seasonal, and I'll probably tease her a little about being our little jack-o-lantern. What's even more funny is that she now has a very pronounced lisp. I kept asking her to say "this and that" and she kept saying "thithintha". It was very funny. I'm sure she'll be the talk of her class tomorrow.

So I guess tonight we'll be expecting a visit from the tooth fairy. The last few times, the tooth fairy brought her a "golden" dollar coin, which she absolutely loved. The trouble is, I read somewhere that the tooth fairy was running out of golden dollars, so I'm not really sure what she's going to do for my daughter tonight ...

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