Thursday, November 8, 2007

Another Long Drive

I went to the temple this morning ... I can't believe how long it takes me when I have to worry about rush hour traffic. To make matters worse, I have a terrible tendency to always pick the slowest lane. By the time I figure out that a different lane is moving faster and actually get into that lane, the lane I just left typically starts to move better than the new lane I am in. It's just my luck.

Anyway, I took some more license plates down. If you can help me figure some of these out, that'd be great!

A few people who don't care for their privacy:
-- I JAMJAR -- at least I think this is a name.
-- CHAZ DAD = "Chaz's dad"
-- MAYMOON = it's either a name or they're talking about the moon that appears in the month of May.
-- H2O KEN = Ken likes water.
-- (heart)JKEANA = "Love Jake and Ana"?
-- CHASE JO = Somebody is chasing Jo?
-- CRAZ IVU = "Crazy for you" -- I liked this one's use of roman numerals.

Some automobile identifiers:
-- MGPOWER = "M.G. Power" -- it was a utility contractor's truck.
-- LUVMY D3 = "Love my D3" -- it was an Acura D3.
-- TRIK G35 = it was an Infiniti G35 -- and not "tricked out".

Some lifestyle plates:
-- WE TANDM = "We tandem" -- I assume it means they ride tandem bikes.
-- OYVEY LA = "Oy vey, Los Angeles" -- guess they're exasperated with life in L.A.
-- CU NSGRY = "See you in surgery" -- must be a surgeon.
-- W6DNY = I'm assuming this is a ham radio operator's ID.
-- IRSH VAN = it looked old and beat up; is that Irish?

And a bunch of mysteries:
-- SCUPER = "Super"?
-- CINDO = ???
-- WUNJO 4 = ???
-- (star)KILALA = ???
-- (heart)JRFRTK = ???
-- l (heart) VES = "One heart vessel" maybe?
-- OISHEE = ???
-- BOOG 3 = "Boogie"?
-- ETVC ST = ???
-- EXR10 = ???
-- AMSMAX = ???
-- HMD = ???

And my favorite for this trip:
-- KRYPTO7 = this car had Superman stickers all over it, so if you tilt your head over, it could read "Krypton", but I kind of prefer a reference to Krypto, Superman's pet dog.

I also saw "KR BMR" again, too ...

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