Thursday, December 4, 2008

600 Pound Gorilla

We have an expression at work when we refer to the "600 Pound Gorilla". You can probably imagine the answer to the question: "What do you give a 600 pound gorilla? Anything it wants."

Generally, at work, there are at times missions or projects that are, for whatever reason, the most powerful, politically and economically. These projects tend to consume the resources of less-politically important projects, and I mean both money and people. Also, whenever a key technical trade-off needs to occur, they typically will win any tug-of-war.

Well, I was reading the news today, and I stumbled on this article:

Barbie beats back Bratz

When I read it, the thought that came to my mind was this expression. So, let it be known that Barbie has a new career now, and one that I'm sure will be on the shelves of your local toy store very soon: "600 Pound Gorilla Barbie."

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Court said...

Very interesting! As a kid, I always liked looking at Barbies and wanted them, but never really played much with them. (I do remember my sister and I playing "Divorce Court" with our Barbies. Hmmm..) Anyway, I have always disliked Bratz (their name, clothes, makeup, attitude, etc.)and have refused to ever buy them for my girls, despite many a protest. I didn't know about the whole law suit, thing, but in my mind, the fewer Bratz, the better! Anyway, sorry to ramble, but thanks for the interesting news.

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