Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day 2009

My Father's Day yesterday was pretty good. I was able to keep church meetings to a minimum and spent most of my time with the family. Breakfast was a smashing success, as my wife had baked French bread and made French toast with it. It was divine, and it's amazing that she did it all from scratch. My children were pretty well behaved during sacrament meeting, in comparison to some Sundays, and then I was able to attend some very good lessons. After church, I was able to go home and play games with the kids and my wife made me a great hamburger for dinner. For dessert, she made a wonderful brownie thingy that was cooked so that the bottom turned into a pudding. She wasn't so happy with it, but I quite liked it.

As is typical, I did get a tie for the blessed occasion, but this time it was a hand-decorated tie with my three children's favorite colors. My oldest likes blue, my middle child likes pink, and my youngest likes purple. It was great, and I have no doubt that one of these days I'll miss getting these kinds of gifts.

I was able to relax on the couch soaking my feet, watching some TV and reading the paper. By and large, the kids were pretty good, though often I wonder when my oldest will learn to act his age. It was kind of a weird day, though. It was relaxing, for sure, but I'm not quite convinced it was restful. There's just so much looming in the next few days that I can't quite shut it all off and chill out.

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