Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mystery Illness

My wife has been sick, literally for weeks. She's had a nasty cough, has been tired, and also had a bout of the hives last week. The hives showed up just about the same time she was starting a new medication, so she stopped taking that, they went away, and we figured the rest of her symptoms was the result of a cold that wouldn't let go. We've concluded, however, that she actually has walking pneumonia. She's doing better, but still coughs stuff up every once in a while. I worry about her a lot as we're going on vacation this Wednesday, and even though it "shouldn't" be stressful, the preparation and constant work required to care of the kids will prevent her from resting. I've tried to convince her to go to the doctor to get some meds, but she's acting like a guy right now ... "I don't need to, I'll be fine." Stubborn wife.

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