Saturday, June 20, 2009

Holy Periodic Table, Batman

My best friend from college works at Marshall Space Flight Center. He has three adorable little girls and apparently has been teaching them to be nerds. When I watched this video, my jaw hit the floor. Considering the ages of these girls, his two oldest, this is a feat that is nothing short of remarkable. I am amazed and impressed by these two, and can't help but shake my head a little at my crazy friend who subjected his daughters to who-knows-how-many hours of training to teach them this. Even so, I'm very impressed, and I think you will be, too.


Melissa said...

That was amazing. I assume those were the daughters of Kirk and his Thorium. Now I get it.

Roy said...

That's right. He's on a personal crusade to save us all from our oil-guzzling, coal-burning ways. If he succeeds, he will have done a good thing, though it just may be that his greater accomplishment is his girls.

Courtney said...

Good Ol' Kirk! His girls are so cute. Glad you posted that. It made me smile. :)

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