Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back on the Treadmill

I got on the treadmill last night for the first time in a VERY long time. My goal was to run a mile and a half. I'm working up to a 5k = 3.2 miles that I'll be running on July 24th, and figured I should start small.

As I got going, I felt kind of stiff at first, and at about the 0.5 marker of my run, I looked down at the distance I'd gone and thought about slowing down to walk for a little rest. But I just kept right on going, and kept it up at a constant pace of 5.5 mph with an elevation angle of 4 degrees.

At about the 0.7 mile marker, I was feeling pretty good, and realized I had pushed through a "wall". As I kept on running, the rhythm felt really good and when I hit my 1.5 mile marker, I really felt like I could have kept going. Even so, I wanted to end well, so I did a cool-down walk and finally got off the treadmill at 1.75 miles (0.1 before, 0.15 after).

I wasn't shaky, I wasn't overwhelmed. I was just sweaty, but felt really good. I was a little surprised at how comfortable I was, and I'm kind of excited to get back into shape again.

My wife told me she was kinda sad that I was going to keep up with the treadmill only through the race on July 24th. I know she was totally just digging at me, as she totally knows how exhausting my 11 hour work days are (9 hours of work + 2 hours of driving). Add to that the time I spend with the kids and that leaves very little time to spend with her when I'm actually functional, and I really like my time with my wife. I think I surprised her, though, when I said I hope to keep on the treadmill at least twice a week after the race.

We'll see. Maybe I'll work up to a half-marathon or something. It's a big commitment to make, and I'm like her, I don't like feeling chained to anything. Isn't there a way to sit around all day and still be fit?!

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