Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hit 5k Again

I was running on the treadmill last night for the fourth night of actual running, and I decided to push it to the 5k mark to see what I could do. The first night, as mentioned, I did 1.5 miles. The second night I ran 1.7, and the third night I ran 2.0. Last night, at a steady drone of 5.5 mph, I made it to the 3.2 mile marker without major issue. I was quite sweaty, but made it without getting queasy or overly exhausted.

I marvel at what my body can do now that I'm not hauling around those extra 40 pounds. I'm as good as ready for the July 24th run, but I'm going to continue training over the next several weeks to see if I can bring up my speed, and to alternate the running speed to improve my robustness, etc.

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