Friday, October 19, 2007


Last weekend when my oldest son was baptized, my in-laws were able to come out to visit from Utah. They brought with them my wife's younger brother and his new wife. (As an aside, since she is now my new sister-in-law-in-law, does that make her my children's aunt-in-law? Why do we never say that?!).

It was a very good visit, and one thing was for sure: my kids love their new aunt. My children followed her around and wanted to spend time with her as much as they could. Well, maybe not my oldest, but my two younger ones thought she was awesome. My youngest was delighted to have her read to him when putting him to bed.

My daughter thought it was great to have a girl to play with who would do girly things with her (like do her hair and makeup). Indeed, girls are rare on both sides of the family, so this was a special treat for my daughter.

All in all, it was a very pleasant trip. We didn't do much, just lounged around the house, went to the baptism, and attended church. We did also take an excursion to a local honey store and to a fruit stand that are about twenty minutes from home (in the more agricultural part of where we live). That was very nice, too.

In the evenings when the kids were in bed, we spent each evening playing games -- mostly "Jungle Uno" (I'll post the rules to that shortly), but we also played Mexican Train Dominoes. We had a great visit and were glad they could come.

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