Monday, October 8, 2007


In our church, it is strongly encouraged that families take Monday evenings to have some family time -- Family Home Evening (FHE). My little family has always struggled with this, especially with little kids, but also because of the fact that my wife used to teach cake decorating that night. When she first started doing it, Monday was the only night that she could teach, so she went for it, hoping that we'd do FHE some other night of the week. Well, it didn't really work out so well because throughout the rest of the week there always seemed to be something else that got in the way. We were hit-and-miss, at best.

Well, a few months ago she had the opportunity to trade nights with her classes -- she now teaches on Thursdays. It was a big adjustment for her since she knew that there really is a lot of other things that happen on Thursdays that she'd have to miss if she moved her class to that night. At the time, it really was a leap of faith that it would work out well.

Tonight, I received positive confirmation that it was most definitely the right thing to do. The prophet has promised that families that have FHE will be closer, happier, and more able to overcome the challenges in the world. It seems this is coming true, even in our new efforts to have FHE regularly.

Each evening isn't exactly a well-planned event. Nevertheless, we do it together -- whatever it is we do. We usually have a lesson, we always sing a song, and we always begin and end it with a prayer. What comes in the middle is sometimes difficult to make happen, but we've been getting better at it with each passing week.

Well, tonight my daughter told me something that hit home. We were talking about the days I'm going to be able to be home with the family this week (they have it off of school), and I told her that I was glad it was Monday. She then said in a sing-song voice, "I like Mondays because of Family Home Eeee-vening. We get to play games, have dessert, and learn about Jeee-sus."

Those are very good reasons, indeed, to like Mondays. I think we may be doing something right ... but -- sshhh!! -- don't tell anybody ...

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Megan said...

My kids love it too...they are 2.5 and 4.5. The 4.5 year old always asks me if we are having family home evening that night. He's learning the days of the week, so he's learned that it's on Mondays. But he never lets us forget! Tonight he wanted me to tell the story in our lesson twice!

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