Friday, October 26, 2007

My Daughter's Essay

I lrd at grl sgaoowts to beprprperd.

This year ther wus a fire and i kept woshenu the noos and I kept dooing it ses the fire stoortid. And on the noos it sed that the fire wus moor then 200 degrees.

And on then noos it sed that moor then 9 hames had bi destroyed.

My wife helped her with "year", "degrees", and "destroyed", but aside from that, it's all her. At her age -- first grade -- they're transitioning from the "I don't care how you spell anything as long as you're writing" mentality to the "Let's work on sentences and paragraphs" mentality. Spelling still isn't that big of a deal as that will come with time. It was just good to see her do this on her own!

The translation:

I learned at Girl Scouts to be prepared.

This year there was a fire and I kept watching the news and I kept doing it since the fire started. And on the news it said that the fire was more than 200 degrees.

And on the news it said that more than 9 homes had been destroyed.

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