Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Good TV

So we watched "The Big Bang Theory" again last night. In one of my previous posts, I spoke about how my wife and I are pretty selective about what we watch. This one, I think, is a keeper.

During the opening sequence, my wife and I were just starting a bowl of cake and ice cream. On the show, the four uber-nerds were playing an online game together, attacking some fortress or something (they never showed a computer screen) when one of them collected some kind of powerful sword. He immediately stood up triumphantly with his laptop in hand and said, "I am the sword master!" Then he sat down, transported his "avatar" out of the area where the others were struggling against the enemy, and put his new sword up on ebay for auction.

Within seconds and while the others were lamenting how he had abandoned them during the battle, he said that somebody had already selected the "buy it now" option on ebay, when one of the other uber-nerds stood up triumphantly with his laptop in hand and said, "I am the sword master!"

It was such an absurd and hilarious setup that my wife and I both appreciated greatly. So greatly, in fact, that we both simultaneously choked on a spoonful of ice cream! It took us several minutes to recover. My wife and I are both minor nerds (kind of like a "minor planet" -- remember Pluto anyone?) and this scene resonated with both of us -- she also has a lot of experience on ebay and I've played these sort of silly games online. It was hilarious.

As I said, I think this show's a keeper.


Melissa said...

I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to disagree with you about this show. I watched a couple episodes online, and I just don't think there are enough geeky people to keep this one going. Too much of it would be over the head of too many people. Plus (sorry to say it) but it does seem a little too fixated on sex in my opinion. I don't think it'll last a whole season. I can't believe you're watching this when you could be watching Dancing With the Stars!

Roy said...

Yes, I agree with you. It is tough to find anything on TV that doesn't have either an inordinate fixation on sex or a fascination with human misery and suffering -- and sometimes both together.

As for the nerdiness factor, I agree there, too. This show probably won't live too long because of it.

But I sure get a kick out of it, and will enjoy it while it lasts!

Melissa said...

Hey, there's another show on Monday I think you'd really enjoy. It's called "Chuck," and it's about a guy who works in the "Nerd Herd" fixing computers and unwittingly gets caught up in the spy world. You can go to nbc.com and watch the episodes they've aired so far. They're very clever and adventuresome, and have some of the "geek" factor that you like :)

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