Friday, April 25, 2008

Back from Vacation

Well, my wife and I are back from our vacation in Hawaii. It was nothing short of awesome. Right now, we're slowly wrestling with how to get life back on track. We also have a great need to tackle the nearly 1000 pictures/videos we took, creating an appropriate file system for the digital copies, making scrapbooks, and posting blog entries on the whole thing -- all while re-learning how to be parents and getting the household chores done that so desperately need to be done.

The lawn really needs to be mowed, the garden really needs to be harvested, turned over, and re-planted; the laundry really needs to be finished, and all the men in the house really need haircuts. This needs to be done tomorrow while at the same time getting one child to a birthday party, and my wife to a shin-dig at her work to which she's committed. On top of that, I'm now two weeks late digitizing a scrapbook for a friend I promised to tackle.

Sunday will be a nightmare of church meetings for me, Monday I have to go to Monrovia for a work meeting, Tuesday I've got to work late. And in less than two weeks I fly to Germany for a conference. All this must be done when really all we want to do is hang out with the kids, whom we missed so very much. We're in for interesting times ...

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