Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pre-Vacation To Do List

My wife and I are big-time into lists. We both usually have so much stuff going on in our heads that we have to write things down in order to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. We also tend to be very organized and prepared for upcoming events. To that end, I dedicate this blog entry to our "to do" list prior to our departure for Hawaii next week.

Mow lawn (done this morning)
Finish our oldest son's pine wood derby car (to be finished today)
Spray weed killer on weeds around the house (done)
Change out the camera batteries for fresh ones
Clear the memory cards for the camera
Turn the household water off (to be done right before we leave)
Lower the thermostat (ditto)
Lower the water heater temperature (ditto)
Return a tree we decided we don't want so it doesn't die while we're gone (done)
Get an estimate on the van for repairs incurred during an accident in January (done)
Stop the delivery of the newspaper while we're gone (done)
Stop the delivery of the mail while we're gone (done)
Gather the household keys for those who will be watching the kids
Get our updated wills signed
Look up where church is in Hawaii (done)
Print out the maps of our primary destinations
Get TV converter boxes due to (delayed until after the trip as the deadline isn't until June)
Set the VCR to record the few television shows we watch while we're gone
Clean up the backyard, putting away the tools (done) and the toys (not done)
Buy tickets for some of the major entertainment destinations for our trip (done)
Clean out the van (done)
Clean out the refrigerator
Find any phone cards we have laying around the house (done)
Do the laundry
Fertilize the lawn (done)
Adjust the sprinklers since it's getting hot

This is it. Clearly, it doesn't include packing, for both us and the kids, and I'm sure we'll think of more things to do before we go. Nevertheless, so far this list seems pretty stable.

Three days and counting!

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