Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Day In (Very) Brief Review

Slept in - really!
My wife went garage saling - bought a big kid bike for my daughter
Fed the kids
Watched 1st session of general conference - solemn assembly - witnessed my family sustaining the new prophet
Kids did well
Afterwards, my wife took my daughter to a makeup gymnastics class
Fed the boys
Picked peas
Put my youngest down for a nap
My wife and daughter came home - daughter played Wii - endless ocean
Next session
Tougher to focus
Folded laundry and shelled peas
Afterwards, mowed the lawn and sprayed weed killer
Afterwards, my wife left to go shopping
Kids played endless ocean for 15 minutes
Kids went down street to play, returned early since other kids couldn't play
Played Paper Mario on Wii to console my youngest who was sad to be left behind
Got ready to go to priesthood session
Forgot about signs I was supposed to make to put on church windows about conference tomorrow - rushed to put them together
Left and made it during opening song

Notes from conference:

Elder Cook - Quorum of the 12 - Santa Ana winds and brave firefighters compared to personal danger - usually less spectacular, heed the words of the prophets, Willie Handcart rescue story, Naaman, word of wisdom, Elder Monson prepared from youth to be prophet - youngest to be called as apostle in last 98 years, great testimony

David Burton - Presiding Bishop - humanitarian briefing, wow statistics, the things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone but the things you do for yourself are your legacy

Dean Burgess - 1st Counselor in Young Men's Presidency - do you know who you are? You are the son of reid burgess, ammon's service and proclamation that he was a servant of god, do you know you are a son of god?, pray and know that you are a child of god, do you know who you are in god's plan?, honor and respect the names you bear, do you know who you are as a member of christ's church?, you are part of a quorum, honor your priesthood

John Madsen - Quorum of the 70 - pres hinckley was once a deacon, read from biography, learned then that JS was a prophet, statue of 5 deacons, silly boys are more than that but have divine potential to be great - they are a chosen generation, remember Jesus at 12, when tempted by satan he was protected by his absolute obedience to his father

President Uchtdorf - 2nd Counselor in 1st Presidency - told of his experience as he was called as 2nd counselor, story of pilots subject to nav error that crashed and killed everyone, a small error had tragic consequences, similar to our lives where small errors can lead to great misery, story of Saul, great telling of his story of him offering sacrifice erroneously and losing his divine promises, small error online can have bad consequences, don't put computer in private room, we can be forgiven no matter how far off course we are

President Eyring - 1st Counselor in 1st Presidency - have confidence that we can fulfill oath and covenant of the priesthood, challenge seems daunting, but we should have confidence by simply trying and god promises us power and success if we have faith, god has foreknowledge about us and the fact we even have the priesthood suggests he already knows we can wield it well, god promises forgiveness as we use the priesthood to share the gospel and bless others, our wives are immortal and eternal gifts given us as companions and help meets for eternity, pres of u.s. called to thank pres hinckley for all good priesthood holders who helped after a hurricane - their effectiveness is not mostly attributable to our organization, but rather because of the good men who were keeping the oath and covenant of the priesthood, study the word of god to bring back the lost sheep

President Monson - President of the Church - we've been placed on earth in troubled times, we can make a difference in the name of god, strengthened by the truth, we are entitled to the lord's help if we are on the lord's errand, are we clean and qualified to wield the priesthood at all times?, deceit wears the mask of tolerance, be not deceived, every one of us has been foreordained to accomplish a good purpose, wiggled his ears! Very funny, kids will imitate us - we should do nothing we don't want our chidren to do, no young man in the church should be without the influence of good priesthood holders, Jesus Christ is the ultimate example, He turned His back to the sophistries of Satan and turned His face to the tasks of His Father, moving story of cancern stricken missionary

Went home and helped put the kids to bed
Watched Stargate with the wife
Had some nice quiet time
Stayed up too late thinking about Hawaii trip
Had trouble sleeping

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