Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Got A Bite!

So my other blog, my highly experimental and under-maintained family history blog, isn't exactly a big hit. I don't spend much time at it (okay, hardly none), but I have high hopes for it. I usually get one visitor a day -- usually some internet stumbler who mis-typed a keyword in their search engine and had a finger spasm on their mouse.

Nevertheless, a few weeks ago, I actually had a bite! Somebody emailed me and told me that they are related to me and that they really enjoyed the family history they had read. Wow! So, after a quick investigation, I found out that the person is my third half-cousin once removed (he is my great, great grandfather's first wife's great grandson). He's probably the same age as my father, which means he may or may not be very internet savvy, but if he was looking for family histories, maybe he has some to share, as well? Time will tell -- the dialog has begun ...

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