Friday, July 11, 2008


I heard this word used on the radio this morning, where they were debating it's meaning and spelling. I missed the source of the conversation, but apparently somebody called in and used it when describing a movie. They had dozens of callers trying to spell it correctly or to guess at it's meaning.

It seemed clear to me from the get-go that the use of the word to describe the movie implied that the film was attempting to communicate an important concept in a brief interlude, similar to the epistles of the Bible's New Testament. The apparently irreligious people on the radio didn't have a clue.

Coming in to work, I decided to look it up in Merriam-Webster Online, but it isn't listed there, so no, it's not a "real" word. But for not being a word, I kinda like it!

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Your friendly neighborhood atheist said...

"Epistolarily" is what you're looking for. The OED gives the first use as "1854 THACKERAY Newcomes I. 28 Our friendship carried on epistolarily as it has been."

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