Monday, October 13, 2008

Fire Season is Upon Us

Well, the first local fire of the season has started. It is over off I-210, which is the road I take to work. I left for work this morning at about 6 am and after spending an hour on the freeway, most of the time at a complete standstill, and not actually leaving the Santa Clarita Valley, I decided it wasn't going to get any better and so I turned around and came home. I'm glad I did. Apparently things are really congested on all alternate routes and it is taking people hours to get anywhere.

Some headlines:

Daily News: Wind-whipped Marek Fire chars 3,000 acres

LA Times: Wind-whipped Marek fire closes the 210 and 118 freeways, area schools

CNN: Santa Ana winds could stir 'sleeping giant' blaze

CBS2: Fierce Winds Fuel Marek Fire, Homes Destroyed

CBS2: Officials Investigate Possible Arson In Marek Fire

The winds really are blowing out there. I'm in my living room right now, and I can hear it whistling past the chimney -- that's not such a good sign. With the Santa Ana winds blowing so strong, it will be difficult to contain the fire. Ah, life in Southern California!

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