Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Barack Obama Nightmare

Okay, so this is a political commentary on Barack Obama (more on the socialistic tendencies of Democrats, really). This is just what my dream was last night -- no embellishments -- you can read into it what you want.

I found myself in the wilderness, dirty and smelly, with a bunch of other people -- two girls and four guys that I didn't know. These people were all as dirty and smelly as me. The girls were both Caucasian, there were two black men, a Hispanic fellow, and man from Asia (my dream wasn't specific about where in Asia). We were a multi-cultural bunch, and got along quite well, though the girls didn't like me. (I think I was a teenager, so their attitude was what I was used to ...)

Anyway, my dream was basically about us walking north, crossing mountain ranges on the way. We were originally somewhere in Arizona and we needed to get north really badly. As it turned out, President Barack Obama had apparently nuked all the middle latitudes in an effort to curb global warming. I'm not quite sure how that would help, but apparently Mr. President did. It had the effect of making the mid-northern latitudes really cold. So most of our trip was spent going through snow-covered hills. We didn't really run into too many people, just pristine forest and hills with no people allowed (we were interlopers). Thankfully a few people in our group were good at catching animals, otherwise we all would have starved.

Once we got further north, we were above a town. The snow didn't make it down to the town, and we were excited, because this was where we were going -- Casper, Wyoming. Why Casper?! I have no idea, but we knew that once we got there all our troubles would be over. In my dream, Casper was a big college town, and once we got there, we could apply to be students.

Apparently in my dream we were not citizens in Barack Obama's country. But it didn't really matter. Once we got to Casper, we could say that we wanted to be students. The school/government would then have to take care of us. We snuck into town and while we were walking (remember, we're filthy and stinky, so we kind of stand out), people were glaring at us in anger, but were afraid to say anything to us. I guess they weren't allowed to.

So we finally make it to some kind of dormitory. It's a huge building, and once we get there, some scruffy kid welcomes us in. We're grateful and he tells us to go downstairs to his room and shower. His room! We found out that individuals don't have their own rooms, and it was his turn to take in any new arrivals. So we all head down to his room (which is downstairs and is really quite big -- more like a concrete entry to a big building) and go to some gigantic communal shower. Girls and guys shared the same shower because in this new government there was to be no difference in how the different sexes were treated -- I was a teenager, though, so I was cool with that. It was clear by this point due to my nonchalant attitude on the matter that I was neither an adult nor married (but marriage didn't appear to matter in my dream).

As we're there, we find out that our days of being hungry, cold, and dirty are over. Barack Obama's government will take care of all of us -- feed us, clothe us, and house us -- so long as we stay students in Barack Obama's country. Hey, it sounded good to me, so I was in!

Anyway, that was my dream. I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. I won't be voting for Barack Obama.

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