Monday, October 20, 2008

Going to the Movies Alone

I'm on a business trip this week. Typically when I'm out of town, I go to a movie or two at a nearby theater. Most of the time, I travel alone, so find it most convenient to go to the movie theater alone. Tonight I went to go see "Journey to the Center of the Earth" (it was silly, but I still kind of liked it ...). On the way out, I was noticed by a teenage girl who was standing with two friends of hers (a guy and a girl). Right as I'm about three feet away, she says, "Can you imagine going to a movie by yourself? That would be so wrong!"

I about turned around and told her I was on a business trip from out of state and being in a movie theater by myself watching a movie I want to see is better than being in my hotel room by myself flipping through 80 channels and not finding anything good to watch. I was stunned by her flippant comment, not because of what she said, but because I was right there! Totally rude.

Nevertheless, going to the theater by myself doesn't bother me. The first time I did it (nearly a decade ago), it was kind of strange, but I found that it wasn't too bad. I don't have my kids wrestling with me (who are too hungry, or too scared, or have to pee at the best part of the movie, or laugh too loud, or ask strange questions out loud) and I can completely block out everybody around me and simply enjoy the movie. Granted, I always would prefer to have my wife with me, but I find it quite convenient to go see movies that she wouldn't want to see in circumstances like this. In this case, she had taken the older children to see it a few months back, and I didn't see it at that time -- this was my chance to catch up.

Anyway, just something funny. I really don't think I'm a freak for doing so, but I have to ask: do you ever go to the movies by yourself?

(Oh, and after the movie, I came back to the hotel room and watched "Speed Racer" -- also kind of silly, but again, I kind of liked it! Now I'm really tired, it's late, and I'm going to sleep ...)


Megan said...

James goes by himself. Less now that we live by his brother, but he's been known to go to several alone when we had nursing babies.

Melody said...

I have never gone to a movie by myself, I just don't have time. But, I wouldn't mind going alone. I don't mind eating alone in restaurants either, I do like being around people, but I am just as content to be by myself. Does that make me weird?

Brent & Ashley said...

I've totally gone to a movie by myself and I think it's great. I would rather go with Brent, but that can't always happen.

However, we really don't see any movies in the theater anymore, so it has been awhile since I went to a movie by myself.

Rude girl, but...teenagers are like that sometimes.

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