Saturday, October 18, 2008

Synchronized Swimming and a Halloween Party

Tonight was the Ward Halloween Party. We had probably 150-200 people there (I'm bad at estimating crowds) and it was pretty fun. There was a lot of chili to eat and a video that illustrated many of the "Scary Hidden Talents" of the ward members. Some were indeed very scary, like one woman who seemed to be able to move her eyeballs independently of each other; but others were just cool, like one kid who could leap and flip in the air repeatedly.

After the video, the Bishop, his 2nd Counselor, the Ward Clerk, and the High Priest Group Leader (the 1st Counselor and Elders Quorum President had a conflict -- yeah, like a football game and work were more important ... priorities, people!), and I performed some "synchronized swimming". The video tells it all.

This is something that the Activities Committee Chairwoman found out about, and she foisted it upon us. At first, I was really quite unhappy about being involved in this, but after it was all over, I'm actually quite glad that I participated. It was a good, fun time. I'm the one who is on the left most of the time, and the shortest one of the bunch. I think it turned out pretty well!

After, the kids went outside to the parking lot where they went "Trunk-or-Treating", where many people had their car/truck/van trunks opened up and were passing out candy. Instead of going house-to-house, the kids went vehicle-to-vehicle and acquired an enormous amount of candy. They were so tired afterward, even after consuming so much sugar which should have kept them awake, that they went to sleep right after they came home. Pretty funny. Is there such a thing as a sugar-induced coma?

It was a good night.


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