Saturday, January 24, 2009

An Eventful Weekend

It's been an eventful weekend. Yesterday I left work a little early and went and bought a new suit more appropriate for my newly diminutive size. It will be ready next Friday. Then I came home and my wife and I went to the theater to see "Phantom of the Opera". I had never seen it in person before (just in movie form), and I thought that it was far better in person. Late night.

Then, this morning I went to a family history fair and learned lots of new stuff. Primarily, though, I learned about the "" site where you can go and check out newly available research material. I also learned about the new "Family Tree" application, an in-progress application that will eventually take the place of the "New" FamilySearch website. They're both pretty cool, and I immediately came home and started dabbling.

While I was away, my family went and bought a hamster. We've been thinking about getting one for a long time, and they finally went and did it. I'm happy with the decision, as he is very cute, but I was very clear that my only responsibilities regarding its care involve two aspects: 1) I will pay for whatever care and material it needs, 2) I will bury it when it's dead. The children laughed but soberly understood that those are the only two things I am committing to do, and if they don't take very good care of it, I'll get to #2 sooner than they want. Kinda morbid, but I laid down the law with humor, and they got the point.

My daughter also has been wandering the neighborhood and calling our friends today to encourage them to purchase Girl Scout cookies. She's done pretty well with the little effort she's put into it. It's remarkable to me that people don't even flinch at spending more than 26 cents per cookie on these things. Crazy.

So far it's been a good weekend, though I'm feeling sleep deprived ...


Melissa said...

I'm totally laughing at the burying the hampster thing. And I flinch. I have the greatest recipe for peanut butter cookies that are just like the girl scout version, only better. Do you want it?

Court said...

Love the hamster paragraph!

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