Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who Paid For You?

My youngest son, my three-year-old, was in the bathtub and was looking around at all the things around him. He pointed to the jet outlets in the tub and asked if I paid for them. I told him I did. Then he asked if I paid for the tub itself, and I again answered that I did. He then proceeded to ask about the water, the lights, the counters, and the door. I finally told him that pretty much everything he sees I paid for.

"That's why I work," I told him, "to pay for stuff."

Then he surprised me and asked, "Even you?"

I smiled, and answered, "No, but somebody did. Do you know who?"

"No," came his reply.

"Jesus paid for me," I said, "so that I can go back to live in Heaven."

His face lit up with a big beaming smile and said, "Jesus paid for me, too!"

"Yes, he did," I replied.

Sometimes kids just know stuff, you know?

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