Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday, Indeed

My wife stayed up way late on Thursday night figuring out what things she wanted to buy on "Black Friday". Her strategy was pretty much just to go online and buy things there, rather than to actually risk life and limb in any of the physical establishments. By and large, her approach worked. She stayed up, figuring out item numbers and shipping fees, etc. What vexed her the most was that the online prices for JC Penney didn't match the advertisement we received. So, no shopping from JC Penney; their bottom line will be closer to the red side because of that.

In fact, the only time she went out at all yesterday was to go to Walgreens where they were selling a particular item she wanted to pick up for Christmas gifts. With very few crowds, it seemed to be the "right" place to be to avoid the insanity.

The kids and I stayed home. All day. We put up Christmas lights all over the outside of the house, even in places we hadn't put them previously (the outside patio and the peak of the front of the house). We played on the Wii, played games, and just generally goofed off. It was awesome.

Our day was certainly better than this poor fellow's:

Stampeding Holiday Shoppers Trample Man at Wal-Mart

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