Friday, November 28, 2008

A Pig In Your Pants

No joke, this is the exchange I just had with my youngest son:

My daughter: Dad! He has a pig in his underwear! [She's referring to a little plastic toy pig.]
Me: What do you mean he's got a pig in his underwear?
My daughter: He put a toy pig in his underwear!
Me: [Son], take that pig out of your underwear!
Youngest son: [He gives me a blank look.] But why?
Me: You shouldn't put anything in your underwear.
YS: Oh.
Me: Take that pig out of your underwear.
YS: I can't!
Me: What do you mean you can't?
YS: It's stuck!
Me: Come here. I'll help you. [I take the pig out and buckle up his pants.]
YS: Dad, unbuckle my pants!
Me: Why?
YS: So I can put things in there.
Me: That's what your pockets are for!
YS: [He shows a dawning expression.] Oh! I forgot!

Gotta love kids! But seriously, it's never good to have a pig in your pants.

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