Saturday, November 8, 2008

Worst Restaurant Salad Ever

Red Robin: Asian Chicken Salad

It seemed like they took bagged salad from a grocery store, dumped a few chopped peppers on top and a can of mandarin oranges and called it good. Even the dressing was unremarkable, certainly less flavorful than stuff you can get from the grocery store. And for $10 a salad, it was a major rip-off. To make matters worse, my wife's chicken (what little there was) had three short, black hairs cooked into the top of it. Totally gross.

We only went because the kids had coupons for free meals that they earned from school. They still have a few more, but I don't think we'll be going back.


Megan said...

Mmmmm....they have a really good salad with apples and chicken and maybe feta cheese. It's yummy.

Hairs? Gross. Disgusting. I hope you said something so they could replace it or comp it. I agree 100% though - their food is WAY overpriced. If I want that type of food, we go to Applebees and get more for our buck.

Melissa said...

Yes, Red Robin is overpriced. And so is Applebees in my book. My rule is to never order something I could make myself at home. This is getting more and more difficult, as I am such an awesome cook :) About the only thing I can't do (yet) is Chinese orange chicken. Just can't get the coating right.

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