Monday, November 24, 2008

Extracurricular Burnout

The Holiday season is upon us. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming, the kids have time off of school, and we are all looking forward to some good family time. One of the reasons it will be so nice is because the extracurricular activities that the two older kids have been involved in have come to an end. My daughter's soccer is now done, and she's going to take a break from gymnastics for a while, too. My oldest son's karate is also on hiatus for a few months, so all that is left is scouts (cub scouts for my oldest son and girl scouts for my daughter).

Finally - finally! - we will be able to spend some evenings doing absolutely nothing. No homework, nowhere to take the kids, and nowhere we need to be (well, most of the time). My wife and I have been so overwhelmed lately, that we feel perfectly happy just rebelling against all of it, and staying home. We have no plans to go anywhere for either of the two holidays, and at this point we're delighted.

Of course, this might change after only a few days being cooped up with the little rascals. I have no doubt that they will drive us insane with a constant stream of requests for time on the Wii or for playdates, all because they're boorrreed! Well, let it be. It will be nice to be bored for a change. I think the library will continue to be a good friend of ours (especially since all the kids are book worms), and we will probably find some daytime excursions to take.

But the point is, we won't be obligated to do anything, and that will make all the difference.

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Megan said...

I love the talk that Elder Ballard gave to the mothers a couple conferences ago about allowing your family to have unscheduled time seems strange that you almost have to schedule unscheduled time!

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