Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Day With The Kids

Today has been a really good day. I've had the chance to pretty much spend the whole day with the kids. This morning, my daughter went with my wife to a Girl Scout activity, so I had the chance to spend the morning with my boys. We spent the morning doing a little cleaning, then played with Legos. Then we went out to stop in at an open house at the church, then we went to Wendy's to get a Frosty and some fries (to dip in the Frosty, of course).

Afterwards, we stopped by Best Buy and spent about half an hour just staring at the big screen TVs. My oldest son was absolutely mesmerized by the hundred foot wall completely covered with screens, and by a kid playing a Mario game on a Wii.

Then we went home and had lunch, which, of course, the boys weren't all that interested in. My wife and daughter came home then, just long enough to grab a bite to eat, then my wife took my oldest son to basketball while the youngest took a nap. My daughter and I had some quiet time playing on the computer, then when my wife got home, I took her out to go see the AMGEN race, which was stopping in town today after it's sixth leg. (We watched it last year, too.) We had a great time watching the bikes zip right by and just being together.

Afterwards, we went to McDonald's and got a hot fudge sundae, which we went to a park and ate it in the cold blowing wind (my daughter's idea, which she admitted wasn't her best). Then we went home and we had barbecued hot dogs for dinner and watched Wonder Woman (something the kids all enjoy).

It's just been a nice day with the kids.

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