Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Super Bowl

So my family isn't exactly big on watching sports. We have the kids play sports -- my oldest son has played soccer, tennis, and basketball and my daughter has played soccer, danced, and is now in gymnastics. My wife plays basketball on occasion, and I myself have played tennis, racquetball, baseball, and soccer. Notice the gap in all of that? Yes, my family is not into football. At all.

So today I came home from church and announced that we were going to watch the Super Bowl. My kids got so excited. They started running around the house and when 3 o'clock rolled around, and I announced that we were going to turn on the football game, they started cheering.

Then my daughter said, "But Dad, what about the super bowling?" Umm. Yeah. My wife and I looked at each other and started laughing.

"No, honey, the Super Bowl is a big football game."

"Oohhh," she said, a look of both realization and confusion on her face. I could almost see the next question (which didn't come) of, "So why do they call it a bowl?"

Yeah, we're not really into football. Nevertheless, my two older kids are now old enough to actually follow the game, so I insist that they be exposed to this, um -- what would you call it? -- cultural event. My wife disagrees, but she's off to choir practice, so ... ;)

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martysjotd said...

Don't do football? So you made that wonderful touchdown playing... um... soccer when you broke your lil'o finner... (Grin)

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