Friday, February 22, 2008

Wii Are Crazy

My wife really wants a Wii. Ever since Christmas, when she played on one at her sister's house, she's been obsessing over them. She wants it so badly that she literally has been calling stores all week asking them if they got a new shipment of them. She's been going online every day looking for an online store, any store, to indicate that they are not back-ordered. To make matters worse, she hasn't been sleeping well at night, either. She's loopy over the whole thing.

Well, this afternoon, she finally found one. One of her links that tracks where Wiis are available had a broken link, and when she corrected it, she found that Toys R' Us actually had one. It was a bundle, the kind with a handful of other games included (most of which we wouldn't choose naturally), but she bought it anyway. She has been told that the individual games can be returned to the store for refunds separate from the Wii console itself. That's her game plan to offset the cost.

She was so excited by the possibility of ordering it online that she broke her own cardinal rule about bathing our youngest son while she finished the transaction. This is the same rule she constantly harasses me about: don't leave the youngest in the tub for longer than 3 seconds unwatched. She was around the corner frantically trying to put in the credit card number to lock in the sale online before all the others out there could take them. Needless to say, I gave her a little too much grief about her hypocrisy, but she was so excited about actually having one on the way, right now! that she quickly forgave me (I think).

As I type this, I think she's upstairs drooling over other games she could buy for the Wii. Gratefully, she paid the extra $10 for the faster shipping, so it should be here by Monday or Tuesday. While we wait, she'll probably drive me nuts about the whole thing. She's strangely giddy right now and carries an unfamiliar smile.

It seems she had a Nintendo when she was a youth, and absolutely loved it, so this is kind of like fulfilling some form of need to relive those days. I don't entirely get it -- I had a game system when I was a kid, too (the most awesome Atari -- ah, good memories), but you don't see me going all nutso about it.

In any case, she's happy, and that makes me happy. It's weird, yeah, but it will be fun. It's not like a typical game console where you sit around staring inanimately at the screen while your thumbs enact great acts of violence. So, it'll be all right. I just have to temper her desire to get all the fun gizmos that would go with it ...

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Megan said...

Congratualations! Or should I say that to Angel! :)

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